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COST Action 19130 - Fintech and Artificial Intelligence in Finance - Towards a transparent financial industry

The financial sector is the largest user of digital technologies and a major driver in the digital transformation of the economy. Financial technology (FinTech) aims to both compete with and support the established financial industry in the delivery of financial services. Globally, more than $100 billion of investments have been made into FinTech companies and Artificial Intelligence (AI) since 2010, and continue growing substantially. In early 2018, the European Commission unveiled (a) their action plan for a more competitive and innovative financial market, and (b) an initiative on AI with the aim to harness the opportunities presented by technology-enabled innovations. Europe should become a global hub for FinTech, with the economy being able to benefit from the European Single Market.

The Action will investigate AI and Fintech from three different angles: Transparency in FinTech, Transparent versus Black Box Decision-Support Models in the Financial Industry and Transparency into Investment Product Performance for Clients. The Action will bridge the gap between academia, industry, the public and governmental organisations by working in an interdisciplinary way across Europe and focusing on innovation.

The key objectives are:

  • to improve transparency of AI supported processes in the Fintech space
  • to address the disparity between the proliferation in AI models within the financial industry for risk assessment and decision-making, and the limited insight the public has in its consequences by developing policy papers and methods to increase transparency
  • to develop methods to scrutinize the quality of products, especially rule-based “smart beta” ones, across the asset management, banking and insurance industries.

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The COST FinAI awards grants for a variety of activities: Overview of all COST FinAI Grants


ITC conference grant

  • Short-term scientific missions STSM and Inclusiveness Target Country conference grants are two of the main tools which support the COST Action goals.

To apply for an STSM grant or ITC grant, please register here: Official e-COST tool

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  • See our meet-up [1]

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Diversity is one of the main aspects to be considered in this Action. The three main considerations are gender balance, participation of Inclusiveness Target Countries and Early Career Investigators.

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Prof. Dr. Joerg Osterrieder, Action Chair, email

Prof. Dr. Valerio Poti, Action Vice Chair, email

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Karl Härdle, Leader Working Group 1, email

Prof. Dr. Petre Lameski, Leader Working Group 2, email

Prof. Dr. Peter Schwendner, Leader Working Group 3, email

Dr. Branka Hadji Misheva, Grant Holder, email

Dr. Alessia Paccagnini, Science Communication Manager, email

Prof. Dr. Ania Zalewska, Academia-Government Coordinator, email

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vasile Alecsandru Strat, Virtual Network Strategy Manager, email

Assist. Prof. Dr. Apostolos Chalkis, Virtual Network Strategy Manager Substitute, email

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2023 COST Application

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