How do I get funding for my COST activities

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General COST Rules

All the rules for COST funding can be found in the COST documents and rules, in particular the COST Vademecum.

COST FinAI approach

For our COST FinAI Action, please kindly add your proposed activities and your requested budget here. They will then be transferred to the proposed Work and Budget plan. The MC will vote on that once before the start of each of the grant periods and roughly in the middle of them (for significant changes). Any more urgent requests, please kindly directly contact the Responsibilities#Core_group and/ or the Action Chair and/ or the Action Vice Chair.

Appropriate COST acknowledgement, announcing the conference in our meet-up group and our Internal Newsletter and/or External Newsletter is mandatory if budget is requested. A short summary of the research outcome is highly appreciated (via newsletter e.g.).

Conferences, events, research talks

Please kindly add your event here: Meetup Fintech and AI in Finance and add the COST FinAI logo.

Important Notes

For conferences, please pay particular attention to indicate that COST plays a signficant role, i.e. several COST MC members (from different countries) are part of the organizing and/ or scientific committee, the topics that are discussed are related to the COST Action topics and the conference helps to drive the Action forward.

COST Logo without funding

Please feel free to use the COST logo, also if you do not request funding. However, please do add your conference/ activity to our meet-up group.