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We will have a monthly external newsletter about our COST Action. Please add any information you want to have included here. There is also an Internal Newsletter.

December 1, 2020

Update from the Action Chair

Joerg Osterrieder

  • Our Action was one of only two academic partners of the Quant Insights Conference 2020, featuring talks from Dr. Harry Markowitz, Dr. Paul Wilmott, Nassim Taleb, Professor Emanuel Derman, Elie Ayache, Aaron Brown, Jim Gatheral, and many more to discover the latest innovations in volatility, agent-based modeling, portfolio optimization, and risk.

Update from the working groups

(Wolfgang K. Härdle, Petre Lameski, Peter Schwendner)

Update from the Science communication officer and the stakeholder leadership team

(Anita Pelle, Ronald Kleverlaan, Ania Zalewska, Susanne Durst)