Information about VMGs

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1. Virtual Mobility Grant

  • Title: Finance Sector Survey: Choices, Transparency, and Literacy
  • Grant holder: Dr. Belma Ozturkkal
  • Description of Activities and results: The study aims to understand the investment behavior of individuals and their perception of the transparency of financial assets. The survey is distributed to COST 19130 Action members, their universities, students, and financial sector employees. The project will help the collaboration of different countries. A report will be produced by the end of 2021.

2. Virtual Mobility Grant

  • Title: Fin-AI PODCASTS
  • Grant holder: Vasile Alecsandru STRAT
  • Description of Activities and results:
  • The project will represent a series of short videos and will be a collection of PODCASTS. The main objective of the project is represented by the increase of the visibility of the activities of the CA network members. It will also help the produced research, papers, and use cases, have wider visibility among the nontechnical public and will generate therefore collaboration opportunities.

Podcast #1