How to join

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If you are interested in our Action, and would like to join and contribute, please get in touch, following the below steps. More information on participating in COST Actions, can be found here.

Join the Fintech and AI meet-up group and attend one of our COST events, e.g. the weekly virtual coffee session.

General interest

I am generally interested in being involved, but do not want to take on an official role. You are very welcome to join. Please sign up to the meetup: Fintech and AI meet-up group.

Also, please add your information and background to our COST FinAI member profiles as well as our contact list.

For MC members of COST countries

Once you have discussed the Action content with the above mentioned team, it is up to your National Coordinator in your country to nominate you for roles. The rules for that might be different for each country.

Sign up for additional Responsibilities.

International Partner Countries and Near-Neighbour Countries

  • Once that is done, you will get an official invitation to e-COST, and your proposal can be submitted to the COST Science officer who, after approval, will then submit it to the COST FinAI management committee for approval.

Companies, Government Associations, Banks, other institutions

You are welcome to join. You can join in an offical category, then see above. You are also welcome to join COST FinAI, its working groups, events and conferences. For that, please

Working group membership

If you want to join one of our three working groups: