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We will have a monthly internal newsletter about our COST Action. Please add any information you want to have included here. There is also an External Newsletter.

December 1, 2020

  • Meeting minutes for the 2nd MC meeting which took place November 12, 2020, are now available.


  • Proposal from our COST Officer Ralph Stübner: A regular gender balance session during each meeting, focussing on one topic each.
  • Example for the role of female scientists, one example from another Action
  • We need a diversity team (please contact Tatjana for more details), with a survey focussing on our Action (example)

Research Activities

  • Our Action was one of only two academic partners of the Quant Insights Conference 2020, featuring talks from Dr. Harry Markowitz, Dr. Paul Wilmott, Nassim Taleb, Professor Emanuel Derman, Elie Ayache, Aaron Brown, Jim Gatheral, and many more to discover the latest innovations in volatility, agent-based modeling, portfolio optimization, and risk. (Thanks to Natalie!)


  • Book Project Opportunity: Prof. Härdle, Prof. Claudio Tessone of the Universität Zürich and Prof. Henry Horng-Shing Lu of the National Chiao Tung University are working on a new book project titled "Handbook of Blockchain Analytics". Professors Härdle, Tessone and Lu envisage a work that will give not only give a general introduction, but also present the newest advances in cutting-edge research on Blockchain Analytics, published by the prestigious Springer Science + Business Media company. Anyone interested in participating in this exciting opportunity should get in touch with Branka Hadji Misheva. The selection of possible co-authors to contribute chapters to the "Handbook of Blockchain Analytics" is being made according to their academic and professional excellence.
  • Dolores Romero Morales: We are welcoming submissions to the Area of “Data Science and Analytics” @ EURO 2021, Athens (Greece), July 11-14, 2021. We have a number of sessions in place around, among others, the topics of Business Analytics, Data Science and Mathematical Optimization, Ethics in Analytics, Explainability and Transparency in Artificial Intelligence. Get in touch with Dolores Romero Morales if you would like to organize a session or submit a paper.

Call for participation

  • Due to the extension of the Grant Period until October 31, 2021, please update any activities you would like to request funding for.
  • Our COST Officer Ralph Stübner invites us to register as COST evaluators (using the e-cost profile).
  • Should you have publications related to our COST topics, please kindly add them under Official COST FinAI Publications.
  • Who is interested in taking on responsibility for twitter, facebook, linkedin?

Upcoming events

January 10, 2020

Dear all Happy New Year to everyone! Hope you have had a great start into the New Year and are looking forward to a fantastic 2021!

Short Lookback

We officially started September 15, 2020.

Nevertheless, we have had more than 30 events with more than 600 participants since then.

Our meet-up group has now grown to 577 members.

We are on track to become a relevant research network on AI in Finance and Fintech in Europe, with now 33 COST countries and 125 researchers

Our COST Action is already running at full speed (see all events)

January 11: WG 2 meeting

January 11: Seminar organized by Dolores: Machine Larning NeEDS Mathematical Optimization”,

January 14: Talk by Valerio Poti: Application of methods from computational linguistics to gauge the effect of narrative about covid-19 on markets

January 15: WG 3 meeting

January 15: WG 1 meeting

Our COST Network activities

All the working groups have constituted and are in operation! Thanks to Petre, Peter, Wolfgang and team Dolores is organising a weekly online Seminar Series “Machine Larning NeEDS Mathematical Optimization”, starting tomorrow with “Rule Generation for Learning and Interpretation” Ronald has now moved our wiki to the .eu domain as well, many thanks! We have a logo: Thanks to Codruta! Daniele, Veni and team are working hard on the website and are about to finalize it! We already have 7 working papers connected to our Action, mostly coming from Prof. Härdle (Humboldt) and his team. Feel free to add any papers here.

Scientific Advisory Board

Valerio has done a great job, evaluation and selecting candidates and many have already accepted! We will have a very high-profile scientific board.

Short-term Scientific Missions

Codruta, Enis, Jana, Eftim, Claudia have done a great job selecting and approving our first round of STMS. Four STMS have been approved.

Next MC meeting, February 17

There will be a separate email, but we need to plan the 2nd Grant Period (starting April 1, overlapping with the first one due to the Corona extension). Should you have any activities that you want to get funding for and/ or be an official COST activity, please add them here and the entire MC can then approve: Proposals for activities. Update Jan 19, 2021: Second Grant Period starts October 1, 2021. We will also approve our international partners. Please ask them to fill that in, should you want anyone else to join. Feel free to send me any agenda items!

Anything I forgot, feel free to share!

Looking forward to a full year of COST 2021!

Best Joerg

PS: If I am missing any updates, feel free to share them with everyone, or alternatively, add them to Internal Newsletter February 1. PPS: If you wonder about all those links: They are here:

If you want to join a working group, please fill in your details here and the corresponding google sheet for

February 1, 2020

Update from the Action Chair

Joerg Osterrieder

Update from the working groups

(Wolfgang K. Härdle, Petre Lameski, Peter Schwendner)

Update from the grand holder

(Branka Hadji Misheva)

Update from the Science communication officer and the stakeholder leadership team

(Anita Pelle, Ronald Kleverlaan, Ania Zalewska, Susanne Durst)

March 1, 2021

Update from the Action Chair

Joerg Osterrieder

  • Outlook for 2021, COST FinAI Time-Tables, Activities, Events, Goals and Deliverables

Update from the working groups

(Wolfgang K. Härdle, Petre Lameski, Peter Schwendner)

Update from the grand holder

(Branka Hadji Misheva)

Update from the Science communication officer and the stakeholder leadership team

(Anita Pelle, Ronald Kleverlaan, Ania Zalewska, Susanne Durst)