MSCA Continuous Reporting

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MSCA Network

Overview Network

Network Partners
Institution Role Academic or Industry Link to Gender Equality plan
University of Twente Coordinator Academic
WU Vienna Partner Academic
University of Naples Partner Academic
Bucharest University of Economic Studies Partner Academic To be inserted
Babes-Bolyai University Partner Academic
Kaunas University of Technology Partner Academic
Cardo AI Partner Industry To be inserted
Raiffeisen Bank International AG Associated Industry NA
Deloitte Associated Industry NA
Swedbank Associated Industry NA
European Central Bank Associated Industry NA
Bern Business School Associated Academic NA
Royalton Partners Associated Industry NA
ARC Greece Associated Industry NA
EIT Digital Associated Industry NA
Fraunhofer Institute Associated Industry NA

Work Package Leads

As a WP lead, a monthly report needs to be written. The template for this report is given. Please download the file as a word document. After it has been filled in, store it in the drive given below as followes: [WPnumber]_[Mnumber].

The template is the following document:

It should be stored in the following folder:

Work Package Leads requirements

The monthly reporting should satisfy predetermined requirements. These requirements are summarised below, but the full document is shown in the following presentation:

Requirements Summary

1. Project Coordination

  • Assign a designated project coordination team.
  • Fulfill all related tasks and activities.

2. Consortium Wide Tool

  • Provide relevant material in the consortium-wide tool at least eight weeks before the scheduled event (latest by M24).
  • Content and amount of material for PhD-level courses and ECTS must be approved by the Executive Board.
  • Adhere to guidelines for doctoral training.
  • Submit evaluation reports within four weeks of the event.
  • Budget allocation is proportional to the number of ECTS taught.

3. Work Package Requirements

  • Achieve deliverables and milestones related to the respective IRPs of the work package.
  • Submit a detailed work package plan within three months of the project start.
  • Update the plan every six months and get approval from the Executive Board.
  • Appoint a co-WP lead from another country within three months.
  • Organize one WP research conference by M42.
  • Provide monthly WP update reports.
  • Convene quarterly meetings.
  • Perform all tasks and activities within given time frames.
  • Budget allocation is proportional to fellow person-months involved.

4. Fellow Participation

  • Fellow must participate in at least 30 ECs of training and networking activities.
  • Achieve deliverables and milestones related to the respective IRP.
  • Adhere to guidelines for doctoral training, dissemination, exploitation, and communication.

5. IRP of a Fellow

  • Achieve deliverables and milestones related to the IRP.
  • Supervise, actively participate, and contribute to all committees, tasks, and activities as per the Grant Agreement and Executive Board decisions.

Budget Allocation Conditions

  • Adhere to guidelines, tasks, and activities described in the GA and additional guidelines by the Executive Board.
  • The employing Associated Partner from Switzerland takes the lead for work packages 3 and 7 without additional budget allocation.
  • Coordinator does not receive additional budget allocation for leading work packages 6 (doctoral training) and 8 (project management).

Changes and Non-Fulfillment

  • In case of changes in IRP allocations, WP leaders, or beneficiaries, budget allocation will be adjusted.
  • If a beneficiary does not fulfill obligations, the Coordinator may propose transferring tasks and budget to another beneficiary with General Assembly approval.

Calendar Download

To get an overview of the upcoming events, the following Google Calendar can be downloaded:

Dissemination Activities

Communication Activities


MSCA Central Recruitment Committee

Network Recruitment Overview
Institution Contact person Email PhD recruitment link
University of Twente Joerg Osterrieder
University of Twente Marcos Machado See link above
University of Twente Wouter van Heeswijk See link above
University of Twente Xiaohong Huang See link above
WU Vienna Ronald Hochreiter
University of Naples Maria Iannario
Bucharest University of Economic Studies Daniel Traian Pele
Babes-Bolyai University Codruta Mare
Kaunas University of Technology Audrius Kabasinskas
Kaunas University of Technology Kristina Šutienė
Cardo AI Rubin Haxhiymeri
Raiffeisen Bank International AG Stefan Theussl
Deloitte Alberto Ferrario
Swedbank Aidas Malakauskas
European Central Bank Filippo Bartoli
European Central Bank Theodoros Mastrokostopoulos
Bern Business School Branka Hadji Misheva
Bern Business School Christian Hopp See link above
Royalton Partners Julian Winkel
ARC Greece Ioannis Emiris
EIT Digital Tuan Trinh
Fraunhofer Institute Jörg Wenzel
Fraunhofer Institute Ralf Korn