IPhone SE 2021: The Entire Buyer s And Consumer Information

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Four × Thunder Efficiency @ 1.73GHz
4MB L2
GPU Apple, 4 Cores
Show 5.8-inch OLED
DCI-P3/True Tone
800 cd/m² brightness
2M:1 contrast ratio 6.5-inch OLED
DCI-P3/True Tone
800 cd/m² brightness
2M:1 contrast ratio 6.1-inch LCD
DCI-P3/True Tone
625 cd/m² brightness
1400:1 contrast ratio 4.7-inch LCD
DCI-P3/True Tone
625 cd/m² brightness
1400:1 distinction ratio
Dimension Height 144.Zero mm 158.0 mm 150.9 mm 138.Four mm
Width 71.4 m 77.Eight mm 75.7 mm 67.Three mm
Depth 8.1 mm 8.1 mm 8.Three mm 7.Three mm
Weight 188 grams 226 grams 194 grams 148 grams
Battery Life 3046mAh

Ringke makes good quality instances with ample protection at inexpensive costs which is a reason we’ve included it on this checklist. Simply like the Spigen Ultra Hybrid, the Ringke Fusion X also has a polycarbonate transparent hardback however with reinforced sides and corners for added safety. If you wish to retain the unique look of your telephone but also protect it in opposition to drops, iPhone SE accessories (simply click the following internet page) the Ringke Fusion X is a good selection.

Considered one of the biggest offenders relating to eyestrain is PWM dimming. It gives me a headache inside minutes so I keep away from it like the plague. Some people aren't as delicate to it. There are some low-cost LCD panels that come with PWM dimming but it's extremely easy to get a quality LCD show with nice DC dimming.